Nov 19, 2018

Paper prototypes


s I moved into prototypes I wanted to keep iterating, mining the insights of the research and testing how they could form different patterns to inform (and re-inform) my designs. My idea for this project since the beginning was to keep a fresh perspective on how the App could take form.  

Moving from research into ideation/prototyping.

With that in mind I designed about six different pencil and paper prototypes, each containing a simple three steps flow. My initial plan was to spend one hour prepping each prototype beforing "PoP"-ing it to show users, that being said, some took way less time. In total I probably spent four hours sketching these before hitting the road.

The idea of the gameboard to represent the room was well received by users. Some labels like "artifacts" weren't and were later replaced.

This was another concept for the gameboard, one where people would be grouped in a room by affinities. Ended being too confusing for users.

My flow testing tool of choice for such an early stage was PoP. Later I would move on to Invision for more elaborated flows. .

"I love to keep it simple during these early user testing sessions, the nature and messiness of paper estimulate users to sustain a co-participatory mental state while testing. The raw nature of the prototypes was perceived by users as a 'blank canvas' in which they could leave their mark on. These sessions more than made up for not having hosted traditional co-participatory ideation sessions.