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Tenny Pinheiro

Serial entrepreneur, coding-designer, and author of six books on Design Thinking and Service Design. Tenny pioneered Service Design Sprints and founded the Design Sprint School; he lives in Silicon Valley, where he mentors startups and works on his ventures. He is a founder and was the CEO of the Latam studio of live|work, the British Service Design agency and is a columnist at the influential American Design blog Core77. His book The Service Startup (2014), introduced to the world the term Service Design Sprints.

"The Kind is my personal quest to solve one of the most intricate problems of our time. Loneliness is not only an epidemic, but also a foundational ingredient feeding many other concerning epidemics."

- Currently i'm coding the UI.
- The game mechanics were extensively prototyped with a physical deck of cards.
- Exploratory research completed for the  the Machine Learning model.
- Training data V1 collected.

As time permits I will keep adding findings and interesting facts here.

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